The Benefits of Role-Play

by | September 22, 2020

As a professional actor I’ve been involved in role-play for many years. It’s a process whereby you can practise a real-life challenging conversation in a completely safe and confidential environment, receive coaching and feedback from your colleagues, then try the conversation again in many different ways. It’s quite unique, as assuming I’ve captured the personality and mindset of the other individual, I’ll be giving you feedback from their perspective, which means you will have an armoury of insights at your disposal to allow you to make more informed choices about your approach moving forward.

What I enjoy most is watching the turning point, the lightbulb moment where things suddenly start to go right, and the conversation improves. It may be a simple change in tack or a more seismic shift in behaviour but once the role-play stars are aligned I love the buzz of knowing you’re now much more equipped to have a successful, productive conversation with this person in real life .

I know some participants approach ‘role-play’ with some trepidation, perhaps due to previous awkward experiences of being forced to role-play with colleagues. Once the process is clear and they realise it’s a completely safe and confidential environment in which to try different approaches to the same challenging conversation, they quickly realise the value of the exercise. Body language, tone of voice, choice of words, eye contact, active listening… role-play is an extremely effective learning tool for really fine tuning the practical execution of all aspects of communication. Being made aware of how to make a small change to any of these things can sometimes make a huge impact.

Obviously, virtual training has taken the place of face to face interaction for a while, and if anything, the role-play process now feels more personal as a result. You can be sitting in the comfort of your own home rather than an anonymous training room, and while you have your conversation with me the rest of the group can magically disappear at the click of a button, before you invite them back to hear their feedback.

I’m always impressed with how participants throw themselves into the process when they’re in the “hotseat”. Many say it’s an invaluable experience which they can take forward and apply in real life. I’m always delighted when I hear that talking to me was “just like talking to X!” My only regret is not being able to be a fly on the wall afterwards to observe the “real” conversation with X!

What our clients say

Kate is immensely insightful and intuitive. She builds skills, capability and most importantly, genuine self-belief in other people….with Kate’s help I have been able to take a successful career break and move into a brilliant new career opportunity. Kate is a delight and joy to work with….she’s the best there is!

Global Head of Leadership & Talent

This was a deceptively simple and overwhelmingly effective course. Really saw lightbulbs going off all over the place.

Katie was excellent as usual. Her insight and reassurances elevated the course from useful to genuinely enlightening. Thanks for your passion and dedication!

Gareth was incredibly engaging and knowledgeable, with a deft touch in giving feedback and marshalling the group. 

As always, Gina delivered with knowledge, compassion, thoughtfulness, insight, humour and familiarity with our organisation. Great job!

We did it on Zoom and I think it made the experience SO much better!

Katie coached us through the process in the same fantastic way she always does. Being on Zoom was highly effective.

Thank you - it had a huge impact on my approach to work and life.

The best training workshop I have ever been on. So interesting and insightful.

Really good course which totally exceeded my expectations. Has helped me solidify my desire to become a leader and I’m looking forward to moving my development plan towards this goal.

Sian really demonstrated mastery of the subject matter and tailored the course to what appeared quite an experienced group.

I have been on similar training courses in the past but this had the best content by far. No death by PowerPoint and all exercises were clearly outlined and easy to understand. Katie was a fantastic facilitator. So helpful and full of information and great examples of previous issues and knowledge.

Kate is a real gem and I look forward to working with her again and to recommending her to others within my network.

Head of Sales Channels

Katie was my inspiration for becoming a coach myself and also help others achieve great results.

UK Sales Manager

Really positive experience through which there was a lot of team bonding. Gareth had a very good way of making everyone feel at ease and we all went away feeling like we'd genuinely learned something as a team.

The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and personable and demonstrated several practical techniques covered to great effect. Her experience and confidence were a huge asset.

Katie is super-inspiring, challenging and a fantastic facilitator. Thank you!

Such an intimate setting with multiple different people with real scenarios made it very applicable and easy to grasp.

Excellent investment in ourselves as a team - very insightful and well led.

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