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Being a business leader is often a lonely job with no space outside of operational demands for self-reflection or exploring new ideas.  This lack of quality thinking time reduces a leader's impact and holds an organisation back. 


This is where our executive coaches come in. We offer a confidential and neutral space for more purposeful and reflective thinking in which a leader gains greater perspective and fresh insights. The accountability that comes from working with an external coach can be transformative.  


Within the safety of an external coaching relationship, a leader can choose to explore issues they may not yet feel comfortable sharing with colleagues; their career development, organisation restructuring, challenging performance issues, team dynamics, burnout, confidence issues, conflict etc.

​We offer a number of bespoke coaching packages to suit your organisation’s needs, including:

Executive Coaching

One to one coaching tailored to the unique needs of an individual leader. We work closely with the organisation sponsor and coachee to identify coaching goal/s upfront, and offer qualitative 360 feedback interviews with key stakeholders if required. Our one to one executive coaching relationships will typically consist of monthly sessions over 3-6months.

Coaching Clinics

Ideal for organisations making individual coaching available to a number of their leaders simultaneously, for example a community of leaders identified in a talent pool. This format works well if something significant like transformation is happening in the organisation and leaders would benefit from additional support to maintain focus and energy. We’ll allocate your organisation a number of coaching slots each month and invite your selected individuals to book time with us direct, minimising your internal admin overhead and ensuring coaching is available to your leaders as needed.

Team Coaching

Just like individual leaders, teams reap huge benefits from partnering with a skilled external coach at pivotal moments. A team coach can help a newly formed team gel more quickly, hold a mirror up to unhelpful behaviours in a mature team, or perhaps even help a senior team navigate some challenging topics with a well facilitated clear the air discussion. Our team coaching approach typically involves diagnostics with team members to inform and prioritise overall approach.

If you would like to explore your coaching needs further please get in touch either by email or via the online contact form.

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