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Engaging People in Change

About the Programme

This highly practical workshop provides participants with vital tools and techniques for engaging people in organisation change.

Participants will learn that creating sustainable change in the organisation requires them to invest personal energy in appealing to the hearts and minds of the people they want to bring with them. They will gain effective tools for getting people’s buy-in to change in the first place and explore techniques for maintaining interest and motivation levels at key stages of change.

Working on a real change project of their choosing, participants will identify opportunities for more successfully engaging their key stakeholders and identify a practical action plan.

Workshop Outcomes

As a result of attending this course, participants will have:

  • Understood some of the personal drivers they must appeal to when engaging someone in change
  • Gained greater understanding of the typical reactions to change and explored practical techniques for handling them
  • Been introduced to the three things a manager can do to have the greatest chance of sustaining desired change
  • Practised communicating a personal elevator pitch for change and received coaching and feedback
  • Gained practical tools for planning how to engage stakeholders in a current organisation change of their choosing

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